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Virtual Russian Keyboard is a versatile software that allows users to easily type Russian or Cyrillic characters, regardless of their system's default language. With both lowercase and uppercase options, this keyboard provides a convenient way to enter Russian text.

One of the key features of Virtual Russian Keyboard is its ability to type in your native alphabet or character set through keyboard input. This makes it easy for users to type their native name or any other text in Russian.

In addition, the software offers a translation function that allows users to right-click on selected words or phrases for instant English to Russian or Russian to English translation. This feature is made possible through the integration of the Yandex API, requiring an internet connection.

For those learning Russian, Virtual Russian Keyboard includes a built-in common phrases generator. This feature helps users to easily converse in Russian by providing commonly used phrases.

This software is 100% free and does not install any toolbars or adware. It is designed to be user-friendly and provides a seamless typing experience for Russian characters.

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